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Panasonic F-VXH80-S Air Purifier review

  • Panasonic Air Purifier with Humidifying Function Econavi x Nanoe (Silver) F-VXH80-S
    Panasonic F-VXH80-S Air Purifier review

Panasonic F-VXH80-S Air Purifier :

The Brand Every Mom can Trust

Three Panasonic Air Purifiers, Two Technologies that Every Mom can Trust. Aside from the fact that Panasonic is a trusted brand when it comes to appliances and other household needs, the revolutionary air purifiers manufactured by this Japanese company introduce a wonderful air cleansing technology that is worth every cent you pay.

Since we have a considerably huge floor area at home with two dogs and a cat running around all parts of the house, we cannot purchase just any cheap or average air purifiers without the ability to handle our allergen issues.

The amazing fact about Panasonic air purifier is that it has acquired expertise in developing the most advanced technologies for air purifiers. The two frontliners in this area are the Econavi and Nanoe technologies that are both exclusive for Panasonic air purifiers. Upon learning about their benefits, we never had a second thought and immediately purchased three air purifiers under the Panasonic brand.

Panasonic F-VXH80-S Air Purifier review

  • Runs quietly on its lowest and high speed.
  • Easy to operate its controls, carry it, and clean or replace its filter(s).
  • Relatively low annual costs, which includes routine filter replacement (if any) and annual operating costs.
  • Includes an ionizer but produces no significant ozone.
  • Has a carrying handle.
  • Econavi and Nanoe technologies.
  • Automatically adjusts the air filtration speed according to the room’s current air quality.
  • Great quality.
  • Perfectly cleans and moisturizes air in the room.

  •  Relatively high operating costs.

Panasonic F-VXH80-S Air Purifier review


The Econavi technology of Panasonic is an unbelievable technology installed in the three air purifiers we bought – the F-VXH70-W, F-VXH50 and F-VXH80-S. While you perform your usual activities at home like cooking breakfast in the morning, leaving the house at a specific time, going home at around the same time everyday up to your bedtime, this Econavi technology measures the air quality during these times and memorizes them on a timeline. This unparalleled intelligence of the Econavi technology allows the air purifiers to regulate the contaminants even before they spread throughout the area. Since my furry family members stay in the areas of the house where we are and we most likely stay around these areas at a specified time, the air purifiers already know when and where to control the pet danders.

Size, Deodorizing Capacity, Noise Level

Panasonic VXH70 Air Purifier is the smallest, best-looking air purifier at home so we place it in the living room where most people and visitors stay. Its dimensions at 388 × 245 × 636mm/Width × depth × height is quite sleek but among the three, it is the least quiet performer.

Runs quietly on its lowest and high speed, we’d rather put the Panasonic F-VXH80-S Air Purifier in the bedroom. The latter air purifier comes at the highest price among the three and is also the biggest but the performance is quite stellar.

Panasonic F-VXH80-S Air Purifier is particularly special because it operates using a Super Nanotech deodorizing technology that can eliminate all sorts of odors in just a few minutes. With its Super allelebuster anti-allergen component, we never have to worry about sleeping with our affectionate cat during bedtime.  Panasonic F-VXH80-S Air Purifier also produces almost no sound even at the max speed level. The only problem is its considerably large and heavy frame so we’d rather keep it inside the bedroom.
Panasonic F-VXH50 Air Purifier is fit for the kitchen. It has a great area coverage capacity of up to 40m2. With a power consumption of only 6W / 9W / 45W depending on the speed level, we can leave it open almost the whole day. Although smaller than VXH80, VXH50 still can’t beat the looks and sleek feature of the VXH70.


The trademark Nanoe technology of Panasonic air purifiers is the brand’s most impressive feature. It surrounds all contaminants such as bacteria and virus, prevents them from spreading out and removes the hydrogen from them. Nanoe also provides a skin hydration mechanism that restores the skin’s moisture. It also has the power to reduce tobacco smell by about 90%. One of best air purifiers for smoker.

With all these benefits, I had no regrets even if we spent over $$$ for the VXH80, $$ for the VXH70 and $ for the VXH50. You should start considering Panasonic air purifiers. They are the best-performing devices available!


Panasonic F-VXH80-S Air Purifier review scores :

Overall score for the Panasonic F-VXH80-S Air Purifier is mainly how well the model removed dust and smoke from a test chamber, plus quietness for room purifiers and airflow resistance for whole-house units.
Dust/pollen/smoke removal: How well models cleared air of fine clay dust and cigarette smoke; performance of portables is at their highest and lowest speeds. Ones that scored well for dust removal should perform comparably for pollen.
Noise: Based on instrument measurements with a portable model running at its highest and lowest speeds.

Panasonic Air Purifier with Humidifying Function Econavi x Nanoe (Silver) F-VXH80-S

Free Shipping, Price range : $520.0 - $550.00

Panasonic F-VXH80-S Air Purifier review
Panasonic Air Purifier with Humidifying Function Econavi x Nanoe (Silver) F-VXH80-S
8.5 Total Score
Very Good

Panasonic Air Purifier with Humidifying Function Econavi x Nanoe (Silver) F-VXH80-S

Dust/pollen/smoke removal (high)
Dust/pollen/smoke removal (low)
Noise (high speed)
Noise (low speed)
User Rating: 3.92 (108 votes)
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