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Best Air Purifier of 2019: Pros and Cons of the Top Ten

Air purifiers were actually developed in the 16th century. It's now an industry worth $3 billion in the United States alone.Air purifiers work best at eliminating pollen, smoke, and dust from your environment. While they're supposed to be 99% ...

Comparing the Best Cheap Home Air Purifiers for 2019

When it comes to getting clean air in your home, air purifiers are extremely helpful to remove harmful particles and pollutants.Buying an air purifier doesn't have to break the bank, and there are plenty of great units available to the average ...

Best Air Purifier

Best Air PurifierHave you ever noticed a warning on your phone’s weather app that the outdoor air quality is particularly poor that day? In those cases, you may think that staying indoors will keep you safe and breathing clean air. Yet, that ...

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